Certified Professional Organizer tells how to get organized

Certified Professional Organizer

As a Certified Professional Organizer in San Antonio, I'm often asked, "How can I get organized?!?" One of the steps I review with clients is setting up a staging area. One of the reasons why I teach clients about having a "staging area" during purging – decluttering - organizing projects is because sometimes you want to keep things, but have no idea where to put them. They don't have homes, which is part of the reason why the pile ups started in the first place.

Office Organization San Antonio

Office Organization San Antonio

aka How Not Being Tied to a Cell Phone Greatly Improves Office Organization in San Antonio Like my blog post about my Internet service, I’m writing this post so I don’t have to tell a long story countless times and can just send a link to folks who don’t understand my cell phone habits. (But if you pick up on the hints, you'll learn why being disconnected from your cell phone will help with your office organization in San Antonio.)

travel-passport-map-how-to-plan-for-travelThis is Part 2 in my countdown series with one blog post per month containing travel tips to get my family, friends, clients and you ready to go for your next vacation overseas. From August 1 through June 30, I’ll be counting down the tips by how far in advance it’s optimal to plan. If you stumble across this blog post in February, and you’re planning a trip in May, you’re not too late. You’ll just have to do things at a heightened pace.     How can I get organized for travel: 11-12 months before   Set Your Travel Goals   WHAT?!?! I’ve gotta

Professional Organizers Can Help With Back To School

It’s just around the corner! Professional Organizers Professional organizers across America are being asked for back to school organizing tips. The most popular question professional organizers get asked is, When most people ponder about getting organized for back to school, they think,“What supplies do I need to buy in order to be organized for school?”