luggage-checked-bags-lost-luggageI’ve received requests from clients and friends about how to pack for their upcoming travels.   There are two polar opposite views when it comes to packing:   1)      Take everything under the sun with you in multiple checked bags. 2)      Take the bare minimum in a carry-on.   My method isn’t for everyone, but

Goodwill Declutter + Donate = Change Lives!I’ve been a supporter of Goodwill for many years because I knew that the profits from what they sold in their stores benefitted those who were in need. But it wasn’t until I partnered up with Goodwill San Antonio three years ago that I learned just how much they did for the community. Their mission statement is: Goodwill changes lives through the power of work. And boy do they change lives. Check out their 2012 Impact Report! My goodness! Did you know

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