Professional Organizers Can Help With Back To School

It’s just around the corner! Professional Organizers Professional organizers across America are being asked for back to school organizing tips. The most popular question professional organizers get asked is, When most people ponder about getting organized for back to school, they think,“What supplies do I need to buy in order to be organized for school?” 

Professional Organizer San Antonio

Professional Organizer San Antonio Teaches How To Do It All

As a Certified Professional Organizer San Antonio, I’m often asked to do Q&A’s after workshops or speaking engagements. I absolutely love doing this because people get some instant relief and walk away a little less stressed. At one such event, a particular question (and my response) seemed to resonate with a number of people, so I thought I would share that here.

travel-passport-map-how-to-plan-for-travel How can I get organized for travel? My friends and family know that two of my passions are organizing and traveling. If you combine those two skills together, that makes for a pretty savvy traveler. So because of that, friends and family often ask me, "How can I get organized for travel?" They want tips about how to plan for travel – especially a trip overseas. Since there are a number of them planning to vacation abroad next summer, I thought I’d do a little countdown with one blog post per month containing

document-paperwork-will-attorneyWhen I turned on the radio this morning, I was shocked to find out that the lead host of the show I’ve listened to on my morning commute for the last eight years passed away over the weekend. Kidd Kraddick was only 53.   Listening on the drive this morning, the question was asked, “What happens now?”

Whether they’re residential organizing clients or business productivity clients, I get asked these questions quite often: Anxiety-Letting-go

How do I know it’s OK to get rid of it?

What if I’ll need it later???

    Letting go. I know it can seem pretty scary to part with something you’ve had for decades or even just weeks. You spent time looking for it. You spent money on it. It’s yours.   But what if

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