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It’s a tough question small business owners need to ask themselves. But it must be asked. As a Certified Professional Organizer®, a large portion of my productivity coaching client base is entrepreneurs.

The Top Three Reasons They Started Their Own Businesses

Folks who call or email our LivingOrderSA office to get organizing help often lament that they’ve tried everything they could think of to get organized. They bought color coded file folders.  They purchased the latest and greatest containers they saw in an ad. They have baskets everywhere. They even have a top-of-the-line label maker. But they’re still not organized! They’re stressed out, and they never have

Professional Organizer in San Antonio

Professional Organizer in San Antonio Spring Break and Fiesta are behind us, so now it’s time to look ahead to summer organizing projects. As a professional organizer in San Antonio, a question I often get asked is, “What is the right amount of _____ we’re supposed to have?” You can fill in the blank with “toys,” “clothes,” or any other category of items in your home.

storage-unit-rentalIn my line of work as a Certified Professional Organizer®, I encourage folks to let go of items – whether it be in a house or in an office…or in a storage facility. Many of my clients have paid over one thousand dollars per year on storage unit rental. More often than not, the fees they paid are far more than the value of the items which they are storing. Paying $12,000 to store $1,000 worth of items? That is not a good use of financial resources.   However, there are times when storage unit rental is needed: