[caption id="attachment_3553" align="alignright" width="300"]declutter - organize your stuff Declutter - How to get organized[/caption]I recently heard from a friend who’s an uber-busy entrepreneur:“I have really been trying to get a handle on all of the items in my home. I've been purging ... for years and have most of my things down to a manageable level ... It's all the crap (excuse my language) that I am left with. Things I have sorted, organized, placed in piles and now have no place for them to go. They aren't 100% relevant to our lives but aren't ready to leave just yet either. Couple this with temporary clutter and well, I am overwhelmed. I don't know what I want/need you to do here ... I guess I mainly just needed to vent.”At her suggestion, I’m answering her declutter question here:

[caption id="attachment_3547" align="aligncenter" width="300"] National Clutter Awareness Week: What will you declutter?[/caption] When I utter the word “clutter,” the majority of folks instantly focus on their spaces. “My office is out of control.” “I’m afraid to open my pantry door.” “I can’t walk into my closet.” They’ll ask me for...

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Professional Organizer

Next week is Spring Break for most schools in Texas. It’s a time to relax, hit the beach, or … organize your closet!Most folks have an idea of how they’d like to see their clothes organized – by color, by outfit, or by type of clothing (pants, shirts, etc.). The tough part of a closet organizing project for many folks, however, is clearing out their closet first. Get advice from a professional organizer.

Valentines-Day-Time-ManagementValentine’s Day is tomorrow. Commercials around this time of year focus on encouraging you to show your love to family members by buying stuff for your loved ones. Purchase this for your husband. Order that for your wife. Get your kids these xyz thingies. All of this equates to more stuff to add to what you already have. More stuff you now need to take care of. What if, instead of giving stuff, you give

How to Increase Productivity and Office Organization - San Antonio [caption id="attachment_3394" align="aligncenter" width="300"] How to Increase Productivity and Office Organization - San Antonio[/caption]How to Increase Productivity and Office Organization - San AntonioHow to increase productivity, indeed! How can you save time, but not cut corners?...