National Clutter Awareness Week: What will you declutter?


National Clutter Awareness Week: What will you declutter?


When I utter the word “clutter,” the majority of folks instantly focus on their spaces.


“My office is out of control.”


“I’m afraid to open my pantry door.”


“I can’t walk into my closet.”


They’ll ask me for tips about where to take their clutter. Goodwill is a great place – easy drop-off and your clutter funds job training programs in your community.


But there’s another kind of clutter out there that you can’t see. It can cause you just as much stress as your piles of paper. It’s mental clutter. Mind crap. Brain goop. And it slows us down.


In honor of National Clutter Awareness Week, take fifteen minutes in the next week to do a brain dump of everything that’s floating around in your mind.


Then answer a few questions:

What do you need to get done?

What resources do you need to do it?

Who can help you complete it?


Your brain will thank you. With clarity.

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