The perfect gift for Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is tomorrow. Commercials around this time of year focus on encouraging you to show your love to family members by buying stuff for your loved ones. Purchase this for your husband. Order that for your wife. Get your kids these xyz thingies. All of this equates to more stuff to add to what you already have. More stuff you now need to take care of.


What if, instead of giving stuff, you give the gift of time?


Time to declutter a space that has become a thorn in your side.


Time to donate your clutter to Goodwill, who will use the sale of your donations to fund job training.


Time to organize the space so you can easily find what you need.


Time…will be gained from doing this because you’ll no longer 1) find ways to avoid your house since you’ll now love coming home to a space you enjoy, and 2) waste time looking for items because they’re all in their places.


This time that you’ve won back can instead be spent with your family. Quality time like this is the most valuable gift of all.


Happy Valentine’s Day!

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