medicine-bottle-disposal-national-take-back-dayHow to Safely Dispose of Medicine

 I get a number of requests from clients for information about how to properly dispose of medicine bottles and medications. Now if you’re saying to yourself, “Just dump the stuff in the trash,” you might want to read this brief overview of the issues related to that so-called quick fix (as well as a list of possible solutions): read here Our greatest challenge in San Antonio is that

[caption id="attachment_3668" align="alignleft" width="150"]help-family-get-organized-help-adult-children-organize-home How can I help my adult children get organized?[/caption]While working with one of my business owner clients in her office, she expressed frustration in trying to help her kids. Here is the question she posed to me: “Any tips on influencing my adult kids to get organized? They live far from me, and when I visit them, I am always working to help them. I don't want to interfere too much, but

[caption id="attachment_2175" align="alignleft" width="214"] National Take Back Day 2014[/caption] Organizing Tips As a Certified Professional Organizer, I'm often asked for organizing tips. Since cold and flu season is just about over, it's perfect timing for organizing your meds.The DEA offers special collections called National Take Back Day to properly dispose of...