Declutter: What should you do with your crap?

declutter - organize your stuff

Declutter – How to get organized

I recently heard from a friend who’s an uber-busy entrepreneur:

I have really been trying to get a handle on all of the items in my home. I’ve been purging … for years and have most of my things down to a manageable level … It’s all the crap (excuse my language) that I am left with. Things I have sorted, organized, placed in piles and now have no place for them to go. They aren’t 100% relevant to our lives but aren’t ready to leave just yet either. Couple this with temporary clutter and well, I am overwhelmed. I don’t know what I want/need you to do here … I guess I mainly just needed to vent.

At her suggestion, I’m answering her declutter question here:

Please know you’re not alone. Soooooooo many women are flustered by having to deal with so much physical stuff and mental stuff. It turns into a crap-o-la swirl. (Excuse the language right back!)

Excellent job with the declutter process – purging and getting things down to a manageable level! I hope you celebrate that on a daily basis. Too many times we focus on what we haven’t done, instead of patting ourselves on the back for what we have accomplished. If you haven’t done so already, please proceed with a happy dance!

Now, to address your frustrations. You observed that you’ve purged things down to manageable levels. You call them manageable, so you know you can do this! What’s left is the crap. Let’s look at the word you used. C R A P. If you are calling it crap, do you really want to hang on to it?

All of your most important items have already been placed in homes. So if this crap wasn’t important enough to get placed, does it truly need to stay?

If you’re fired up and throwin’ your hands in the ay-r like ya just don’t kay-r, then get to it – throw those items in a donation bag and run them over to Goodwill!

But if what I suggested made you nervous and hunker down, bite your nails, or look at those piles in sudden panic and squeal, “You’re leaving?!?!?” then you’ll need to dig a little deeper to discover what is it about those items that’s got a hold on you. How did they gain this power over you? How can you gain the power back over them? And what is the worst that could happen if you say goodbye to them?

If your cumbaya doesn’t work, then use a crutch. You’ve already got the stuff separated – awesome! Box them up by category and label each box with its category contents, as well as the message: “Bless someone else at Thanksgiving 2014.” Store the boxes in a far-off land – like with your holiday décor. When Thanksgiving rolls around, if you still haven’t looked in the boxes by then, it might be easier to let go when you realize you haven’t needed that stuff all year.

Make room to enjoy life in the present.

Whatcha think?

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