National Grilling Month – Get Organized for Outdoor Cooking

National Grilling Month – Get Organized for Outdoor Cooking


How to Get Your Grill On

July might be National Grilling Month, but many of us grill year round. If you’re a griller, consider having a spot for your grilling supplies in your kitchen, pantry, or near your backyard door. One container can hold all of your supplies:



spray oil

scrub brush

sauce brush


hot pad

The container can be grabbed with one hand so you can carry out your soon-to-be-torched food with the other. Containers can be metal if you need something that takes a lickin’, but it might get hot to the touch if you leave it close the flame. You can get a nice wicker basket, but it might have scorch marks and grease stains after serious use. Or, you can pick up a container each summer at Goodwill and use the heck out of it until it falls apart at the end of grilling season.

If you grill often, use a monitor sticker to check your levels of propane. If you have a big party coming up, you might consider refilling the tank to ensure that you don’t worry about running out during the event.


Bon appetit, ya’ll!

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