How do you help your adult kids get organized?


How can I help my adult children get organized?

While working with one of my business owner clients in her office, she expressed frustration in trying to help her kids. Here is the question she posed to me:


“Any tips on influencing my adult kids to get organized? They live far from me, and when I visit them, I am always working to help them. I don’t want to interfere too much, but I know they would be happier if they were more organized. I want them to hire an organizer but they are not interested. I visit them several times a year and have done many things that help them, such as putting up a key holder near the door and getting a laundry hamper for their four-year-old, who loves to clean. How can I help them be more organized?”


My answer to her:


You are such a loving Mom to want your kids to have peace in their lives. Unfortunately, no matter how badly we want organization and happiness for our loved ones, we cannot force it upon them. They must want it.


Here are a few key questions:

1. Do your kids think they’re disorganized?

2. Does being disorganized bother them?

3. Do they want to change and learn how to get organized?

When they say yes to all three questions, then they’ll be open to a conversation with you about how to help them. The second set of questions are:


1. What are their organizing goals?


2. What would be the best way for them to get help from you?



When they’re ready to hold this second conversation, you might come prepared with a list of resources for their area:


*Certified Professional Organizers who can provide objective and expert help with their project:


*Donation centers like Goodwill where they can easily drop off their excess items (clearing space, getting a tax deduction, and helping their community at the same time):


*Clear out services like Rubbish Works if they have too much to haul on their own:


Hang in there! It takes patience, but you’ll be ready when they’re ready to get organized.

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