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I was recently asked by a magazine editor to give the following information: “What are five tips to help busy moms declutter, organize, and beautify their homes in less than an hour?”

Part of what I do with clients is teach them about project management and realistic timelines. If someone wants to declutter, organize and beautify their entire home in less than hour, an assumption is being made that they’re already organized and just have a few fine-tuning tweaks to make. If you’re talking about only one room, there’s a much higher probability of finishing in an hour, but even that could be unrealistic.

There are different steps when it comes to getting and keeping a room “show” ready:







Each one of these steps takes time.

If you’ve been putting off working on your “junk room” for the past year or two or five, you will not finish in an hour. If you’ve got an entire house like your junk room, you will not finish in an hour. I’m all about getting motivated for projects, but part of staying motivated is being realistic.

When people set unrealistic timelines and expectations for themselves, they will of course be disappointed and discouraged when they don’t finish by their set timeline. When this happens, they are highly unlikely to continue with the project, and the situation worsens.

So the next time you set out to accomplish something, map out your plan before you pick your deadline. You’ll save yourself from heartache and will have a better chance of success.

As for the title, if you can get your house looking like perfection in less than one hour without hiding stashes of boxes, I congratulate you. If you can’t, don’t worry – and please don’t aim for an hour.

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