Best tips and products for organizing tech and cords

English: Assortment of cable ties

Assortment of cable ties (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was recently asked by a reporter for some cord wrangling tips, so I thought I’d share my answer here.

All hail Blue Tooth and USB! Go wireless when possible. If cords do need to be corralled, bundle the “leftover” length behind the desk for a clean look. Use Velcro cable ties or cable clips for this. At the plug end, place labels so that you know what you’re unplugging. Your power strip doesn’t have to live on the floor; consider mounting it behind your desk.

Here are some nifty ways for keeping those wires under control:

Blue Lounge Cable Drop Clips are great for holding chargers in place on your desk:

Dotz Cord Wrap hides your cable in a compartment:

Blue Lounge Cable Box can hide wires at floor level or mounted behind furniture:

Applecore is wonderful for storing earbuds and other wires inside a drawer:

For keeping tech gadgets in place, check out GridIt:

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