Super Bowl Party Countdown: How to get organized for your party

football super bowl - get organized for Super Bowl PartyIf you despise every single person coming over to your house for your Super Bowl party, it makes sense to not be ready and to stay in the kitchen cooking the whole time while everyone else is having fun watching the game. That way, you won’t have to talk to any of them. But if you don’t like all of those people, why are they at your house?Of course you love your guests! You want them to have a great time, and you should want to have fun, too! Whether you’re throwing a party for 1 or 100, you want to be ready for the big game on Sunday so that you can relax and enjoy yourself and your friends.


Here’s a Super Bowl Party Checklist to get you started:



*Decide on your menu. Keep a copy posted in your pantry, especially if you’ll have helpers on that day. You can ask them to assist with whatever is not yet checked off.

*Create your grocery list on paper or your phone.

*Create your cook time list for Saturday and Sunday so that you (and anyone else helping you) know what to put on the stove or in the oven and by when.

*Goal: Have all food set up and ready 30 minutes before kickoff (or 30 minutes before guests are supposed to arrive).



*Make your entryway guest-ready.



*Make the hallways/walkways to your TV Room, Kitchen and Guest Bathroom guest-ready.



*Make your TV Room, Kitchen and Guest Bathroom guest-ready.



*Go grocery shopping.

*Group items together in the refrigerator and pantry so that they’re ready to grab when cooking begins.



*Dust, vacuum, wipe down your TV Room, Kitchen and Guest Bathroom.

*Do any food prep and cooking possible.



*Sleep in!

*Touch up guest areas.



*Enjoy your Super Bowl party!


Feel free to add to the list by posting your suggestions below.

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