Jeremy Renner: Stay Fluid like the Hansel & Gretel Star

Jeremy Renner - how actor manages projectsIn an article written by Michael Ordona, actor Jeremy Renner revealed that he works on a multitude of projects throughout the year:


Acting in films

Producing movies

Writing music

Renovating houses


Those aren’t little 10-minute tasks. They are big-time, long-term projects which require many steps and components to complete.

When Ordona asked how all of this was possible, Jeremy Renner replied, “Fluidity.”


At first I was worried that he would give a stereotypical artist’s explanation and say something like, “Yeah, man, I just wake up and go with the flow. There’s no plan. I just do whatever.”


I was pleasantly surprised by the answer he gave when he described what “fluid” meant to him:

“Being prepared as you can be, but willing to let it all go because it’s not working. To be fluid and to allow change, move around the obstacles.”



What big project do you have on your horizon?


What do you need to do to prepare for it?


Are you willing to deviate from the course if your original path doesn’t work?


Be like Jeremy Renner.

Stay fluid, man.

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