+ Downsizing: Purge for a Better Life

Moving provides a great opportunity for purging the old and starting fresh in a new place. If you’re moving to a smaller home, you’ll need to part with a  percentage of your items so that you won’t feel cluttered and cramped.


Here are few tips to help you plan for downsizing:

  1. If possible, obtain a floor plan of the new house, condo or apartment.
  2. If a floor plan isn’t available, sketch the layout as best as you can.
  3. Decide which rooms will have which functions.
  4. Based on the size of each new room, determine how much from your current house can be stored without cluttering up the space.
  5. Part with items that won’t fit.


And what should you do with the extras?


If they’re broken or stained, throw them in the trash or recycling bin. But if they’re still in good “gently used” condition, consider donating your items to Goodwill. By parting with what won’t fit into your new home, you’ll be saving yourself stress during unpacking and setup, and you’ll be helping folks in your community learn how to make a living to support their families. Click on the image below to see what your donations to Goodwill can fund:



This particular donation of a backseat full of clothing from a downsizing closet session funded approximately 11 hours of resume preparation:

Closet-Downsize Closet-Downsize-Donate-To-Goodwill



So if you’re preparing to downsize, be sure to purge. It’s good for you and good for your community!

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