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Get organized for back to school

Going back to school is a big transition in the year, so it’s important to get organized for back to school. Kids go from playing (or sleeping) all day to needing to think, be active, and pay attention for an entire school day. Adults go from making sure the kids stay safe yet out of their hair to a frenzy of keeping tracking of activities, practices, school events, tests, performances, chauffer schedules…and the list goes on.

For some quick time-saving tips to help you get organized for back to school, watch this segment from San Antonio Living:


NBC WOAI – San Antonio Living – August 18, 2014 – Certified Professional Organizer Helene Segura is interviewed by Alanna Sarabia


In case your video doesn’t show on the screen, in a nutshell:

Start having conversations now about the family’s fall plans, so it’s not a surprise if Dad wants to go on a golfing trip in October, Mom will be president of the PTA, and Suzie plans to try out for soccer.

Have weekly family meetings to make sure everyone knows who needs to be where with what supplies and who’s picking up whom.

Pack your lunches at dinner time.  EasyLunchboxes are nifty containers to use.

Choose your next day’s outfit while you’re brushing your teeth before bed. (We didn’t have time for this tip, but that’s why the Simple Division Garment Organizers are on the table.)


Get organized for back to school. Have a glorious fall semester!




FTC disclaimer: The federal government requires me to inform you that I belong to an affiliate program and will make a few cents if you purchase EasyLunchboxes or Simple Division Garment Organizers. As always, I only recommend products I know and trust. Please do not purchase them if you don’t need them in your life. Because that leads to clutter!

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