Why do I have two websites – one for LivingOrderSA and one for my time management keynote speaker services?


I got started in teaching time management back in my teaching days from 1993 – 2004. The lessons I gave my students and colleagues evolved into me starting my professional organizing business in 2006. I earned my CPO® certification in 2009. While I love teaching others how to organize their spaces more efficiently, my true passion has always been time management.

As I received more requests to present my knowledge to groups, I decided to develop the speaking component of my business. In the last couple of years, my skills have been recruited outside of San Antonio and outside of Texas. So, LivingOrderSA has expanded beyond San Antonio – and even the U.S.! This is why I created a website for my time management keynote speaker, workshops and business productivity consulting services.


I will continue to maintain this LivingOrderSA website for those in the San Antonio metro area who find me. But for all of your time management needs, please be sure to head over to www.HeleneSegura.com.


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