+ Letting Go: What if you think you’ll need this later??

Whether they’re residential organizing clients or business productivity clients, I get asked these questions quite often:


How do I know it’s OK to get rid of it?

What if I’ll need it later???



Letting go. I know it can seem pretty scary to part with something you’ve had for decades or even just weeks. You spent time looking for it. You spent money on it. It’s yours.


But what if you no longer have room for the monstrous executive desk you bought when you first started out? What if over time, your space has become a bit harder to maneuver around in and get things done, so some objects must leave in order to carve out space?


Now, if you spent $10,000 on something, it would probably be best to sell it (instead of donating it) in order to recoup some of the costs. But even if it did cost that much, you still won’t get your money back if it just sits there. And you won’t get any value out of it if it’s not being used or enjoyed.


Letting go. Deep down in your heart, you know what needs to go. It’s the stuff you no longer use anymore, or the stuff you no longer love. But once the moment comes to officially say, “Be gone!” you start to go into a panic because…”What if I’ll need it later???”


It’s hard to know what your life will be like and what needs you’ll have five years down the road or ten or fifteen or even…one. So the question becomes, “Do I want to hold onto this thing that’s getting in my way of having the space I need? Do I want this thing in my way for the next year or the next five years?”

And in five years, if it turns out you needed it, but you’d gotten rid of it, c’est la vie. At least you had five years without that thing in your way. Just the other day I went looking for a formal dress I thought I still had. It dawned on me that I’d donated it about three years ago since I hadn’t worn it for about three years before that. So, I’ll just wear another one that’s still in my closet. c’est la vie

What objects are you getting the “what if’s” about?

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