What do you do with clirty clothes?

How do you organize your closet when you have clirty clothes?

What do you do with your clirty clothes?

“Clirty” clothes are those that you’ve worn, but could be worn again. They don’t stink. They didn’t get stained. They were worn for maybe an hour or two. It’s kind of like “gently used” means it’s not in bad shape and could be donated to someone else. “Clirty” clothes are “gently warn.”

When we’re asked to work on closets, a common question that arises is, “How should I store my clirty clothes?” (Actually, we’re asked often about this on Clutter Diet, too.) Should they continue to be piled on the chair by the closet? They don’t go in the hamper yet because they’re not ready for washing, but should they go back in with the rest of the clean clothes?

A number of our clients do return their clirty clothes back to the rods or to the top of a folded pile. There’s nothing wrong with that. You’re going to wear it again, after all. Really, it comes down to personal preference.

If you prefer to keep them separate, you do have some options.

Keeping your clirty clothes together will allow you to see how many are gathering, so you can perhaps put a dent in that gathering by wearing them one more time and throwing them in the wash. If you don’t foresee yourself wearing the item again for a while, you can leave that item hanging in Clirtydom or just go ahead and wash it and put it away with the clean clothes.

If wall hooks or over-the-door hooks won’t hold your clirty clothes, you could clear out some rod space and/or shelf space specifically for clirty items. Or you could put your clirty clothes back in the section it belongs in, but with the hanger turned in the other direction.

If you truly don’t want to see a mass of clirty clothes together, and you truly don’t want your clirty clothes touching your clean clothes, then perhaps you need to wear ’em and wash ’em to get them back in the land of clean clothes.

What do you do with your clirties?

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