What can the NFL teach us about time management?

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Football season kicked off last weekend. Actually, the official kick-off was the previous Wednesday night with the Cowboys beating the Giants (yahoo!), but this past Sunday was the first day of regular season games. (Sorry, I don’t count pre-season games as football season.)

It’s funny how so many people in America will find the time to watch one or two or four games a week, but won’t have time to complete what others might deem as more important activities. So, let’s use what we know about successfully scheduling football viewing to help us schedule other important activities in our lives.

  1. You set it as a priority. No questions asked. Everyone around you knows that if a certain game is on, you’ll be watching it.
  2. The game goes on your calendar. Whether it’s your mental calendar, a paper calendar, or the calendar on your phone, that game gets scheduled into your life.
  3. The preparation tasks are contemplated and planned. You can’t just sit down and watch a game. You’ve gotta have your superstitious/religious garb on (requires clean laundry), your snacks and drinks (requires menu planning and grocery shopping), and a few friends sitting next to you (requires some kind of invite).
  4. You don’t let anything get in your way of showing up for the game. Funerals, births, weddings, hospital visits, nothin’. You will watch that game come hell or high water.

And that, my friends, is how you need to schedule your priorities. If you can do it for football, you can do it for everything.

What do you need to get scheduled?

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