The Emotional Eating Rescue Plan for Smart, Busy Women


A Certified Professional Organizer’s Review of:

The Emotional Eating Rescue Plan for Smart, Busy Women: Make Peace with Food, Live the Life You Hunger For

by Dr. Melissa McCreery



This ain’t a cookbook. This ain’t a diet book.


Instead, it’s a recipe for a healthier you.


I’ve been familiar with Dr. Melissa McCreery’s over-eating programs for women since February of 2012. Like other professional organizers out there, several of my clients struggle with weight issues, so I’ve referred them to her. She digs down into the root causes of an individual’s struggle with food and helps her figure out a customized plan for what she needs to do to make a life change.


As with all professional organizers, my clients struggle with organizing and productivity. The solution isn’t a crash diet of purging and buying cute little baskets for what they want to store. Their challenges with time, paper, and clutter are physical manifestations of what’s swirling around inside their heads. Dr. McCreery understands that her clients’ over-eating isn’t about food. Emotional eating is the physical manifestation of (you guessed it) the clutter that’s swirling around inside their heads. Whether it’s disorganization or over-eating, the solutions come from understanding why it’s happening and making use of tools and resources that will guide you through the positive life changes you need to make.


When I found out that she was going to release a book, I got my hands on a copy ASAP so that I could screen it for my clients. (Certified Professional Organizers help their clients find peace in many different avenues beyond time, paper and space.) Sometimes experts are wonderful in workshops or webinars or podcasts or during phone coaching, but their gifts don’t always translate when they write a book.


That is definitely not the case here.


McCreery_emotional-eatingIn her book, The Emotional Eating Rescue Plan for Smart, Busy Women: Make Peace with Food, Live the Life You Hunger For, Dr. McCreery lays out a realistic and judgment-free, individualized plan for you to work on daily for four weeks. This book is definitely not about dieting. Diets are temporary. Diets are fads. Instead, Dr. McCreery’s book is about discovering who you are and the healthy individual you can become by being an active participant in this journey. While she is a respected psychologist, her book does not contain medical lingo or psychological jargon. It is easy to read, light-hearted at the right moments, girlfriend-tough at others, and just the right pace to get you where you need to be.


This book is not filled with empty promises. It’s not filled with wild, impossible-to-believe weight-loss stories. There are no gimmicks. There is also no magic wand. You will become a partner with Dr. McCreery as you walk together along the path of self-discovery toward your new healthy life. As Dr. McCreery says, “Learning about the tools and learning how to incorporate the tools is a process, one that you will continue to craft as you work through this plan as well as afterwards. It’s a process of trial and error and of adjustments. Tell your inner perfectionist to listen up—getting it imperfect (and making adjustments) is actually part of the process.”



If you’ve told yourself multiple times over the past six months (or longer) that you need to lose weight or need to eat healthier, this book is for you. Participating in the thinking exercises in this workbook is an investment in your well-being. And there is no better time to begin this self-investment than now.

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