[caption id="" align="alignright" width="300"]Waiting for "Superman" Waiting for Superman (Photo credit: Wikipedia)[/caption]I was in no hurry to watch Waiting for Superman since I was sure it was just going to be another condemnation of teachers from a non-educator’s point of view.I was wrong about my expectations for the documentary. Davis Guggenheim did an excellent job of trying to explain all of the factors that go into what makes or breaks our educational system. As I was watching, I was making a mental note of – in extreme generalities – what needs to happen in order to fix what’s broken.‘Lo and behold at the end of the movie, as a good teacher would do to reflect at the end of a lesson, Guggenheim summarized the pieces of the puzzle. While I agreed with the sentiments that flashed on the screen, I think there needed to be a little more explanation.So, what does it take to create a school that works?