Spring Organizing Your Home:

Decluttering, Getting Organized & Celebrating EARTH DAY!

Earth-Day-Spring-Organizing-Spring-CleaningIn our line of work, we encourage people to free themselves of as much clutter as possible in as “green” a way as possible. Since Earth Day is coming up on April 22, we thought we’d list a few resources that will help you with spring organizing your home and will spare landfills from lead, mercury and other toxins. Some charge a fee, which is a small price to pay for ridding your home of annoying clutter and saving the earth. Some are non-profits, so be sure to ask about a receipt for donations.


Quick Fix: Declutter + Donate = Change Lives

Goodwill of San Antonio accepts almost anything under the sun – even computers and electronics – but not building and hazardous materials. Save the earth, get rid of clutter, and help others in the process!  Goodwill might not have the words “women” or “children” in their title, but boy do they help the community! If you’re not sure how they use your donations to help, watch this short video or read this brief article.


Get It All Hauled Off:

Rubbish Works picks up everything you no longer want in your home or office and delivers it to the appropriate places: donations to Goodwill, building materials to Habitat for Humanity, recycling to the appropriate centers. The last resort is the landfill. They offer fantastic customer service and are less expensive than leading competitors. You don’t even have to drag items to a certain spot – just point, and they’ll pick it up. Be sure to ask for LivingOrder’s Earth Day special – good in San Antonio and Austin only.


Building and Hazardous Materials (San Antonio)

City of San Antonio Drop-off

Habitat for Humanity


Building and Hazardous Materials (Austin)

City of Austin

Habitat for Humanity


Earth Friendly

Earth911.org lists disposal resources in your area

Our Earth



Altex Computers

Best Buy

Big Green Box

CD RecyclingCenter 

Corona Visions, Inc – computers, modems, satellite dishes, anything electronic (small fee – call for quote)

Office Depot

Verizon Wireless (cell phones)



Giveaway / For Sale


Craigslist (San Antonio)

Craigslist (Austin)




If you have old medicines you want to keep out of landfills and the water system, consider taking them to special drop off events sponsored by the DEA and the City of San Antonio. Get details here.



Free Shred Day:

San Antonio: 11th Annual SACU Shred Day – Saturday, April 20, 2013, 9:00 A.M. – 12:00 P.M.

Fight ID theft – Unburden our landfills – Encourage recycling

Individuals can bring up to 100 pounds of paper for FREE shredding. SACU and the San Antonio Chapter of ARMA International are sponsoring the 11th Annual Shred Day at 6 SACU branch locations: 281/1604, Bandera, Ingram, Main, Southside, and Windsor. Other community partners are WOAI News 4 television and five shredding companies: Marshall Shredding, Iron Mountain, recall, Cintas, Ranger and Compass. Donations are welcomed and will benefit Credit Union for Kids and ARMA’s educational programs.

Unsubscribe from insurance and credit card solicitations – You will be asked to submit your social security number. Be sure to do this from a non-public wifi connection.

Get removed from junk mail lists – Helene did this and her junk mail went down by 50%. The small fee is worth it!

Opt out of catalogs with Catalog Choice or DMA Choice.



City of San Antonio

BFI-ACCO Recycling Center (San Antonio) – (210) 223-2618


City of Austin

Ecology Action (Austin)


Extra Trash

San Antonio: dial 311 – $50 for extra pick-up of one bulky item


Enjoy spring cleaning and spring organizing your home!