Spring organizing projects - Cut the clutter so you can enjoy your kitchen

Your spring organizing projects can change others’ lives

Spring organizing projects - Cut the clutter so you can enjoy your kitchen

Spring organizing projects – Declutter so you can enjoy your home…and life!

Last Saturday I met a gentleman named Brandon.  His smile and friendly personality completely brightened up my morning.  He proudly talked about how his older son was on the honor roll at his elementary school and his toddler was showing signs of being a future genius.

We got to talking about his career goals.  His family was full of electricians, but he wanted to be a rebel and take a different path; he wanted to get certified in HVAC and start his own company.  He had embarked along this path by attending a local tech school when his life suddenly changed last year.  At the age of 31, he lost his wife.

His world turned upside down.  In addition to losing the love of his life, he had to drop out of school and figure out how to provide for his two young sons when his job was too far away and didn’t pay enough money.  He turned to Goodwill for help.

I met Brandon when I arrived early at a Goodwill Donation Drive.  He was the first of the Goodwill employees to rush out of the warehouse to help me unload my car of donations.  Everyone in those blue vests has had a challenge in their lives, and now they’re working hard to put their lives back together.  Brandon not only got that better job he was looking for, but he will also be able to continue his education through Goodwill’s programs.


Your spring organizing projects can turn into a lifeline for those in your community.
Goodwill changes lives through the power of work.  When you donate your unwanted clothes, furniture, and housewares at a Goodwill Donation Station, Goodwill turns around and sells everything they can in their stores.  The money that’s raised pays for job training, job placement, job certification courses, financial management classes, and so many other services that help folks who have hit a rough patch.

The clutter that’s sitting in your closet or guest room or garage or office can help the Brandons of the world. How about the food processor you bought two years ago but never used? The chair set in the garage that you’re saving for “someday”? What else is hiding in your house or office? Will you let your clutter languish there, or will you find it in your heart to turn your clutter into someone else’s lifeline?


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