Shopping Tips for Quality Garage Storage

Today I have a guest blogger from Monkey Bars, a company that specializes in garage storage and one whose products I’ve viewed at the national NAPO Conference I attend every spring. It’s one thing to make your garage look pretty. It’s another to buy quality garage storage options that will stand the test of time. Here are some tips for how to do the latter:

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“Shopping Tips for Quality Garage Storage”


Levi Mackintosh

ASC Services Content Manager for Monkey Bars


With an incredible amount of garage storage systems on the market, how does one go about finding the right one? Most consumers do not have the knowledge to choose a system that is right for their storage needs. To make this decision process easier, we have provided some important aspects to look for in a quality storage system.


Weight Capacity: One of the most vital aspects to a great storage system is the amount of weight they can carry. If you have ever seen a storage shelf bowing or bending due to weight, you know the importance. Researching the weight capacity is an important step in finding the perfect system for you and your family, so you can have the assurance your property is safe.


Space: A quality storage system not only holds your things, but saves you space. Many systems on the market are large and bulky, and often take up more room than they save. Utilizing the space your garage already has is important, so finding space saving systems is crucial.


Customizable: As your garage storage needs change over time, your storage system should have the ability to adapt to those changes. Customizable garage storage systems should include hooks, bars, and other parts that should be easy to remove and replace to allow new storage configurations.


Hobbies: With so many unique and different activities out there, your garage storage system should be able to house those items. Whether you like to garden, cycle, or play team sports, your system should have the proper functions to hold them.


There are great possibilities for organization in your garage, so finding a quality garage storage system is extremely important. For more tips and ideas for garage storage solutions, visit our local site, or stop by our corporate site for a dealer near you.



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