Saving Time & Money: Knowing Where to Go for Impact Urgent Care

Doctor Checking the Blood Pressure of a Patient - Impact Urgent Care

I’ve reached the age in life where more people around me require medical services, and not all of those can be planned ahead of time. On multiple occasions, I’ve had friends and family head to the emergency room or a nearby clinic with (fortunately) non-life threatening maladies. What we’ve all learned is that the emergency room can be an expensive trip, and not all emergency clinics offer the same services.


To save time and money, yet still get the best care possible, I highly recommend you research ahead of time – before an emergency – to determine which of your local clinics will give you the best services, which accept your insurance, and which have all of the requirements you expect a clinic to have.


Over the past few months, I’ve had the opportunity to interview employees at Impact Urgent Care in San Antonio and visit their facility on Huebner Road. Here are some important differentiations I learned about:


1)      They have two providers onsite at all times. These doctors have emergency room backgrounds, so they are ready to roll with whatever ailments walk in. They also have two Medical Assistants and one LVN present at all times. Several places I looked into had fewer high level staff present.

2)      They also staff an X-Ray Technician at all times. Many other facilities rely on a Medical Assistant to do the x-rays. A Medical Assistant is not trained on the different ways to photograph bones, nor on how much radiation is required at different weight levels. Call me crazy, but I’d rather go somewhere with an X-Ray Technician!

3)      Many clinics have labs that are rated the same as a doctor’s office. This means they can do minimal tests onsite and have to send out elsewhere for much of their lab work. At Impact Urgent Care, their labs are cleared for more high-level tests, so you can get answers sooner and with less expense.

4)      Their facility is set up like an ICU, complete with a crash cart. So if your condition worsens after you arrive, they’ll be able to stabilize you.

5)      This is one of my favorite parts. If I’m feeling ill or in pain, the last thing I want to do is wait around in a cramped room with sick people. With Impact Urgent Care, you can register online and get a text when it’s time for you to come in. Awesome!

6)      When I asked how much more expensive they are in order to get all of these features, I was shocked with the answer. They estimate that a trip to their facility will cost at least half as much as a trip to the ER. Holy smokes!


I encourage you to ask questions of your nearby facilities so that you’ll know where to go if and when it’s necessary.

In the meantime, stay healthy!

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