Road Map to Get Organized: Where Do I Start?

Folks who call or email our LivingOrderSA office to get organizing help often lament that they’ve tried everything they could think of to get organized. They bought color coded file folders.  They purchased the latest and greatest containers they saw in an ad. They have baskets everywhere. They even have a top-of-the-line label maker. But they’re still not organized! They’re stressed out, and they never have enough time to finish their endless to-do lists!


I completely understand their frustration. Everything looks so pretty and easy to do when you watch an organizing show on television or flip through home organization magazines. So, here’s a little organizing secret:


In order to be successful, you must develop a Road Map to Get Organized!


It’s human nature to want to jump into a project and get things done. Unfortunately, that usually doesn’t work, so we end up getting frustrated. Once we get frustrated, we throw in the towel and jump into the next assignment on our list.


It might take a little time to plan, but it will be worth the investment. In order to complete your project and get organized, you need to map out the road you will take:


What is causing your organizing challenges?

What is your learning style?

What is your personality style?

What is your best work style?

What will motivate you to keep going?

Based on those traits, what steps will you take to reach your goal?


Having your Road Map to Get Organized will get you back on track whenever you start to wander off the path. Whether this plan is on paper, your tablet, your computer or your smartphone, having your road map at your side will lead you to success.



If you need help developing your Road Map to Get Organized, you have two exciting opportunities awaiting you:


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