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Every day, productivity expert Helene Segura encounters clients who are stressed out, overwhelmed and not sure of which first step to take to make things better. In order to help them – and you! – she’s offering this special ROAD MAP9 event!


On May 9, 2013, her newest book

ROAD MAP to Get Organized: Discover Your Thinking, Learning and Working Styles to Get Your Life Back on Track

will be offered at an incredibly low price for one day only on Amazon!

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Top 10 Ways to Declutter your Brain and Lose 10 pounds of Stress






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38 Easy Organizing Tips For Your Home Office








Choose an e-planner from hundreds of printable lists & planning pages to put your world in order







The 5 Simple Steps For Organizing Your Relationship




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How to Achieve Powerhouse Success with Purpose, Passion & Productivity (Digital Toolkit includes ebook and audio program)




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If you missed Helene’s book launch party, here’s a quick excerpt:



So, what’s the big deal about Helene’s book? How is it different from other organizing books out there? Click here to take a look