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Professional Organizer in San Antonio

Professional Organizer in San Antonio

Spring Break and Fiesta are behind us, so now it’s time to look ahead to summer organizing projects. As a professional organizer in San Antonio, a question I often get asked is, “What is the right amount of _____ we’re supposed to have?” You can fill in the blank with “toys,” “clothes,” or any other category of items in your home.

Great Tips From A Professional Organizer

The amount of clothes you truly need is whatever amount that is enough to get through the next round of washing. If you have five to seven sets of clothes, that should technically be enough. If you have room for more, then slowly increase that number. If you have active children who love the outdoors, you might plan for two sets of clothes per day. If you can go 5 days in between washings, times 2 sets per day, that’s 10 sets of clothes. On the other hand, if you can go one month without washing clothes, then unless your closet is over 200 square feet in size, you probably have too many.

When it comes to toys, consider this: How much space do you have to store them? Can you set up one shelving system with bins and use that as your limit?

In the end, when anyone asks about how much stuff they’re supposed to have, what it comes down to is your boundaries. A professional organizer says you should consider these questions:

How much physical space do you have for storage?

Do you want to use every inch for storage, or would you like to see some breathing room in there?

Load up your favorites until the space is comfortably full. What should you do with what’s left? If they weren’t loaded up as your favorite, and there’s not room for them, perhaps it’s time to give them a different home where they will get used more often. Take the items that wouldn’t fit into the space to Goodwill (one of the favorite charities of this professional organizer in San Antonio). Not only will you be happier with your less-crowded space, but the donation you make to Goodwill will help to fund educational programs in your community.

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