Marriott Offers Tech-Free Zones

Professional Organizer in San AntonioBack in November of 2012, Marriott announced that it would create tech-free zones at select resorts in the Caribbean and Mexico during the winter months.

Professional Organizer in San Antonio – Take it straight from the horse’s mouth

According to the Marriott website, “Guests wishing to enjoy some “digital detox” can retreat to a Braincation zone at each resort where they can enjoy peaceful relaxation with no cell phones or electronic devices in use.  The Braincation zones will operate on the honor system and signs indicating an electronics-free environment will be designed to encourage guests to disconnect, relax and enjoy peaceful reading, conversation or other tech-free pursuits.”

San Antonio Professional Organizer gives two thumbs up!

As a Certified Professional Organizer in San Antonio, I’ve been preaching digital detox for years. Finally, a company with a worldwide presence has the guts to test drive the concept!

Surprisingly, there have been complaints about this grand idea. Some critics have said that hotels have no right to tell them when and where to use electronics. In actuality, only small sections of  the resort will offer this braincation space, so tech junkies can still use their gadgets – just not in these areas.

If you’ve never tried unplugging from your phone, tablet or computer, I urge you to try it for just thirty minutes. It’s amazing how clear and free your mind can feel when you are not at the beck and call of an electronic device. If you want to feel even better, try going tech free for an hour. If you want bliss, try an entire day.

I congratulate the Marriott on realizing that a true vacation includes having a brain that’s completely relaxed. I’d love to know how their visitors felt about the experience.

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