Productivity Coaching Tip: Procrastination can lead to…

Productivity Coaching

Productivity Coaching

Procrastination can lead to…

As a productivity coach, I try to find organizing and productivity holidays to call our attention to. National Procrastination Week was last week. Guess I’m a little late to celebrate. Ha ha!

In the spirit of procrastination, I decided to wait until the last minute to write this blog post. I usually write my productivity coaching blogs ahead of time and schedule them a few weeks out. But this time, I decided to fly by the seat of my pants. I figured I’d write it on the go, then post upon returning to my office, and take it live instantly. And it didn’t go as smoothly as I’d planned.

My laptop battery is on the fritz, so I needed to take paper and pen with me to write it out. You see, my plan was to write my post on the way home from Laredo, Texas, where we had an appointment with Customs and Homeland Security. (That story is for a future post.) Agenda:

  • Arrive at Center by 11:30 to make sure we’re in correct building and line.
  • Listen to copy writing webinar on my phone from 12:00-12:30. (totally separate from appointment, but a productive way to kill time while waiting)
  • Conduct interview at 12:30.
  • Leave Center by 1:30.
  • Write some kind of productivity coaching blog post on the way home while husband drives.

We arrived at 11:35. Not bad. We found the building and signed in – right in front of the sign that said


                TURN OFF.

Oh crud. How will I listen to my webinar? No problem. I’ll write my blog here. Then I’ll step outside at 12:00 for the call. But what if someone calls my name to ask me a question or verify my presence before my appointment time? Dang, maybe I’ll have to miss my webinar.

At 11:45, I was called in. EARLY! The government was EARLY! What the heck?!? 

We were out of the office by 12:10. Cool, I can still make the meat of the call! No blog writing yet, though.

We drove along and made it to the I-35 check point by 12:40 – just in time for the key points in the webinar. Phooey! We had to turn off the webinar when we pulled up to the border agent and drug dogs.

We made it out within a couple of minutes. Perfect! Hurry! Call back in! (I’d hung up instead of hitting mute. And there wouldn’t be a free recording, just the live call.) Back on the call. Managed to hear the tail end of the important points. Yay!

1:00 – The call was over. Now it’s time to write. Nope. The writing can’t start because my husband and I debriefed the call. He had listened in on the webinar since I had it on speaker in the car.

OK, it’s 1:30. NOW it’s time to write! What was this post supposed to be about? Oh yeah. Procrastination.

Hmmm. Productivity coaching tip: I recommend you don’t procrastinate. Some weird stuff will inevitably happen to throw a wrench into your already-delayed action. Stupid drivers! Don’t they read the signs that say

Left lane is for passing only.

Sheesh! Get off the road!

You’ll get distracted more easily because the tight deadline is making you anxious. You’ll be prone to make errors because you’re pressed for time.

And since you didn’t really plan what you’d do since you put it off, the process is rushed and doesn’t turn out as well as it could have…  if I’d done this last week like I should have.

Eek! Now I’m running out of time. I’m trying to multi-task by typing and listening to a web class at the same time. That’s two high-level tasks at once, so neither is going very well.

Procrastination leads to under-performance.

Not a good way to roll.

Happy National Procrastination Week.


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