Productivity Coaching with Helene Segura, MA Ed, CPO®


My productivity coaching and consulting sessions can include recommendations for the best placement of your supplies, set up of your desk, and the most effective containers and filing systems to utilize for your situation.


However, being organized and productive isn’t just about physical space. It’s about how you use your time.


The average American white collar worker loses 30 minutes per day looking for something.


Add in lost time when you:

–          Procrastinate

–          Struggle to make a decision

–          Take more steps than necessary to complete a task

–          Have to backtrack when things don’t go right the first time

–          Stall out because you’re unsure of what step to take next


This leads to upwards of 3 hours per day of lost time.


Using a conservative 2 hours per day of lost productivity, this equates to:


–          10 hours lost per work week

–          40 hours lost per month

–          480 hours or 60 work days lost per year


That’s 12 work weeks lost per year!




Now let’s put a price tag on your time. That’s right! A price tag. After all, time is your most valuable resource:

If you earn $50,000 in revenue per year, your 12 lost weeks equals $12,000 in lost productivity time.


If you earn $100,000, the figure becomes $24,000 in lost time.


You get the picture.


If you implement all of my recommendations on a daily basis, not only will you save 12 weeks and upwards of $24,000 per year, but you’ll have the time to make even more money… or go on a sabbatical.


Gain time, peace and freedom from my productivity coaching and consulting.




My business packages for individual sessions run $500 – $3000, depending on how much project time you need and how much support you want. I build relationships with my clients so I can understand your needs and then customize the easiest possible business productivity solutions for you. All of my business productivity coaching packages begin with a two-hour Solutions Session, during which you’ll partner with me on your needs assessment, diagnosis, and action plan development. At the end of this session, I’ll work with you to determine if you want me back for only one more session to help you with your business productivity project, or if you’d like me to work with you every step of the way.


So, your decision becomes:

continue to lose 12 weeks and $24,000 per year and be stressed out because of it


invest $500 in yourself to get back 12 weeks and $24,000 per year…and lower your stress levels.