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Whenever I meet with my business owner clients for productivity coaching sessions, we discuss ways to schedule their priorities, manage their “to do” lists, and locate a place to store those “great ideas” they come up with for their business.

Too many times, we entrepreneurs tend to dive into an all-you-can-eat buffet of projects, and jumble up all of the tasks on our plate. Then before we’re even half-finished, we head back to the buffet line and pile on even more. We don’t get to enjoy the meal we’re eating. We just keep on shoveling food in to try to make space on the plate for even more food we think we should pile on.

Productivity Coaching Tip:

But what if we had some productivity coaching…what if we just focused on the food we currently have on our plates and cleared a little more space off here and a little more space off there, enjoying each bite.

My wonderful friend Lorie Marrero of the Clutter Diet introduced me to her good friend, leadership expert Sara Canaday, several years ago. I’ve had the pleasure of reconnecting recently with Sara at NSA meetings. At the last meeting, we talked about attending conferences, and she said:

I’ve been to so many conferences and still have the materials and to do lists piled up, waiting for me to take action. Why keep going to conferences if I’m not going to implement the ideas? I’m not going to any more until I finish what’s in front of me.

Amen, sister!

What big projects do you want to focus on, complete in an outstanding (instead of haphazardly rushed) manner, and get cleared off your plate?

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