How to Plan for Travel: Get ready for departure!



How to plan for travel – odds and ends before departure

This is Part 12 in my How to Plan for Travel countdown series with one blog post per month containing travel tips to get my family, friends, clients and you ready to go for your next vacation overseas. From August 1 through June 30, I’ll be counting down the tips by how far in advance it’s optimal to plan. If you stumble across this blog post in June, and you’re planning a trip in July, you’re not too late. You’ll just have to do things a little more quickly.



How can I get organized for travel: 1-2 weeks before


How to Plan for Travel: Get ready for departure!



Holy smokes! Your trip is finally here! Doesn’t it feel good having so much of the planning done? The more you prepare ahead of time, the more you can truly enjoy your vacation when you arrive.


If you’re within a few weeks of leaving, you’re really just down to:


Review my previous tips (to make sure you’ve covered all of your bases):


How to Plan for Travel series:

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Ground transportation


Ticket/Event reservations


Gather up your travel docs

Be sure to have access to your receipts and documents either in paper form or through DropBox (or another service you can reach without wifi). Yes, you need an Internet connection to upload and download docs in DropBox, but if you have DropBox loaded on your laptop or phone, you can reach your already-loaded documents without an Internet connection. If you’re traveling in the countryside overseas, be prepared to not have Internet access.



Overseas communications

If you’ll need Wifi access, check on where you will and won’t have it.

Do you need voice or data plan global packages from your cell phone company?



Plow through your house departure checklist

At my keynote and workshops website, I’ve got a free packing list and home checklist for you to download. Just look for the “Productivity Kick Starter” kit in the sidebar:




You’ll have a non-frenzied departure if you pack the majority of your items the weekend before. If you’re realizing at this point, “Oh, crud! I need a new suitcase!” be sure to check your airlines for their measurement guidelines and purchase a lightweight suitcase that’s easy to roll. I’m partial to Swiss Gear because they’re reasonably priced and can take quite a beating. This one is similar to my carry-on roller board.



Congratulations on preparing for your travels! No trip is perfect (after all, you’ll need some travel stories to tell when you get home!), but the more prep you do beforehand, the more fun you’ll have on your journey.


Bon voyage!


Happy Travels!

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