Organizing Projects: What Should You Do With Your “I Don’t Know” Stuff?

Certified Professional Organizer tells how to get organized

Certified Professional Organizer

As a Certified Professional Organizer in San Antonio, I’m often asked, “How can I get organized?!?” One of the steps I review with clients is setting up a staging area.

One of the reasons why I teach clients about having a “staging area” during purging – decluttering – organizing projects is because sometimes you want to keep things, but have no idea where to put them. They don’t have homes, which is part of the reason why the pile ups started in the first place.

Tips From A Certified Professional Organizer On Where To Start

To help you get through this situation, what you can do is start your own mini-grocery store or mini-department store in a staging area:

1. Choose a room (spare bedroom, dining room, etc.) that you rarely use and that will not be easily seen upon entry to your home by any visitors if they drop by. If you don’t have an entire room, choose a wall in a lesser-used room.

2. Set up some boxes and bags and start categorizing your temporarily homeless items. You can have containers for categories of items that develop as you declutter your home or office: grooming products, magazines, electronics, cleaners, cords, …categories for whatever you find that don’t yet have a home. By categorizing them, you’ll know which “aisle” to visit. It’ll be like shopping at a department store or grocery store when you need to find objects. Plus, you’ll be able to easily view your inventory so you’ll know what you have.

3. Realize that this room or wall will get worse before it gets better. As you purge and declutter, whatever you decide not to trash or donate to Goodwill, whatever does not currently have a home – will end up here. This is the land of “I don’t know.” This is the land of “delayed decisions.” And that’s OK. It’s better to have them in one spot instead of spread throughout your home. You can corral your items here until you’re ready to deal with them. A Certified Professional Organizer, also suggests that you set a deadline for yourself so that this remains a temporary area and does not become a permanent fixture.

4. Slowly but surely, as you make your way around the house with your organizing projects, you will eventually either a) realize you don’t need everything you have in the staging area or b) be able to create a home for each category.

So, take it from a Certified Professional Organizer in San Antonio… If you’re asking yourself, “How can I get organized?” consider setting up this area for your organizing projects.

Where would be a good spot for your staging area?

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