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Office Organization San Antonio

Office Organization San Antonio

aka How Not Being Tied to a Cell Phone Greatly Improves Office Organization in San Antonio

Like my blog post about my Internet service, I’m writing this post so I don’t have to tell a long story countless times and can just send a link to folks who don’t understand my cell phone habits. (But if you pick up on the hints, you’ll learn why being disconnected from your cell phone will help with your office organization in San Antonio.)

Back in 1993 when I purchased my first cell phone (a rather large rectangular block compared to today’s contraptions), texting wasn’t a part of everyday life, so it wasn’t offered on a plan. Later in the ‘90’s when texting became an option, it cost extra, so I nixed that addition to my plan. (I am a cheapskate, after all.)

As I learned more about texting, I only heard it used for entering radio station contests or sending messages to co-workers through their mobile devices. I was teaching at the time, and we didn’t have mobile devices. We talked to co-workers by yelling across the hallway. Still no need for texting.

When I went into business in 2006, I broke down and bought a Blackberry. Oooo. Email on the road. It was pretty nifty at first, until people automatically expected an instant answer. Then I had to explain that my phone doesn’t run my life. I check email only at certain times of the day.

During this time period of my Blackberry purchase, our Bermuda Triangle started to establish itself. (See my post on Internet service.) We had been able to use our cell phones on the driveway, but we noticed we had to walk farther and farther away from the house to get service. Eventually, we had to drive down the road.

So, our cell phone numbers became the number we gave out to telemarketers. Only our family and close friends (who know not to call late because we go to bed early) had our home phone number. Everyone else emailed. I still rarely check cell phone messages because they’re just telemarketing messages.

As texting became more prevalent, I watched as people struggled to find messages that contained information they needed. There was no search function for keywords, and sometimes the messages had been deleted because they were old. Now, I watch people check their Facebook messages, LinkedIn Messages, Twitter Direct Messages, Email and Text to see where the heck that piece of information they need is. That is way too much wasted time for my liking, which gets in the way of office organization in San Antonio – and life organization, too.

Our cell phones don’t work in our home. So if I work out of my home office on a Friday and Monday, I will go from Thursday evening until Tuesday morning without the use of my cell phone. No phone calls or texts from my cell phone for four days. (Yes, I’m still alive!) My cell phone is just an email receptacle while I’m on the road during the week.

Office Organization in San Antonio Tip: To keep my life simple, I use my phone to just email; I don’t text.

When I don’t give you my cell phone number, don’t get offended. My work number is the one you want if you want to be able to reach me. It locates me wherever I am, and leaves both a voicemail and email when I don’t pick up – which is often, since I don’t answer when I drive or when I’m with clients or when I’m having any other type of human interaction. 

I know. I’m a weirdo. What can I say?

Thanks for your understanding.

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