Get organized - Goodwill Chatt workshop

Now’s a great time to get organized!

There’s no time like the present, as the saying goes.

The hubbub about spring cleaning may be dying down, but it’s never too late to get organized!


During the month of March, there’s usually a big focus on spring cleaning. That’s why there are so many ads for cleaners, organizing equipment, containers and linens. Just because March is over doesn’t mean that the urge to get organized and stay organized should fall by the wayside! April is a great time to either finish where you left off in March, or maintain the organized spaces you created last month.

Get organized - Goodwill Chatt workshop

giving tips on how to get organized

Back in March, I had the opportunity to help Goodwill Chattanooga with their Big Spring Clean campaign. Here are the tips I shared at the three workshops I presented during my time in Tennessee.


My Cinco PTM Formula to Get Organized:

  1. Plan

Projects don’t go well unless there’s some planning involved. Decide on what area you’re going to focus and what resources you’ll need.


  1. Pace

There’s not a magical timeline that everyone should follow in order to finish their organizing projects. It’s important to take into account your attention span, physical ability, emotional time span, and amount of time available. It’s OK if you can’t finish it all in one Saturday morning! Part of time management is deciding what pace will allow you to make progress, but not hurt yourself in the process or get burned out.


  1. Purge

As you start going through your items, throw away anything that’s broken, torn or stained. When you come across items that you no longer use or love, be sure to donate them to a non-profit, like Goodwill. You’ll be doing yourself a favor by clearing out your space, plus you’ll be helping your community in the process. Be sure to get a receipt because most donations to non-profits are tax deductible. (Yet another benefit to purging!)


  1. Partition

Divide up the remaining items into categories. It’s a lot easier to make decisions about what to keep and what to part with when you see your inventory in front of you. Do you really need ten pairs of black pants, or can you part with three of them so that you have more room in your closet? When you see those ten items together all in one pile, it’s a lot easier to realize you have excess…as opposed to seeing one item here and one item there…then it doesn’t seem like so much.


  1. Place

Once you’ve decided what you’re keeping, place the items based on where you’ll be using them, and how often you’ll use them. There’s no need to keep holiday items in an easy-to-reach place if your daily items are hard to get to. Flip flop their locations.


What project will you tackle in April to get organized?

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