New Rubbermaid products showcased at NAPO Conference

In previous posts, I shared with you the office products, online calendar systems and software/apps that I learned about while in Baltimore attending the annual NAPO Conference.

Today’s post is about one of my favorite companies, Rubbermaid. They consistently produce high-quality products, which – even though I’m a total cheapskate – I will pay more for even if there’s a “similar” item on sale right next to it. There’s no doubt that Rubbermaid will last longer than generic brands, especially when I’m hauling things between my car and clients’ offices.

Two cool items I played with are:

Rubbermaid Bento BoxesBento boxes:

The boxes come in different sizes with choices of different facades. The great thing about these containers is that you can adjust the dividers inside to fit what you need to store.

Rubbermaid Clever Store Organizing Trays

Clever Store Organizing Trays:

It’s dual storage within one container. A divided tray can sit on top, leaving room for storage of larger items underneath. This will help keep smaller objects from getting lost at the bottom.

One item that I discovered at the Rubbermaid booth  isn’t directly related to organizing. But if you think about it, using this will save you time in the long run because you’ll clean it less. And that is:

The Rubbermaid Clean & Dry Plunger:

This thing is so cool! Nothing sticks to it! It comes out of a clogged toilet without anything on it. Hopefully I don’t need to draw a picture for you – because that would be totally gross – but I just think it’s the best accessory you could have next to your toilet!

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