What did you do for National Purposeful Parenting Month?


Did you know that July is National Purposeful Parenting Month? That means there’s still time to do something purposeful! (As if you haven’t been!!)

There are tons of ways you can be a purposeful parent, but since I’m task-oriented and the new school year is just around the corner, I thought I’d throw this suggestion out to you if you were in the mood to do something specific for this “national holiday”:

Process last year’s school papers!

What a great way to spend purposeful time with your kiddos. Gather up all of the school work from around your home – folders, papers stuffed into drawers, art work stashed all around the house….You can sit around a table or on the floor and browse through all of the work from last year. Enjoy examining the progress your child made during the past school year.

Remember all of those times you asked your child, “So what did you learn today?”

And your child said, “Nothin’.”

All of these papers are proof that a whole lot more than “nothin’” happened. You and your child worked hard to get through the school year. Celebrate that together.

Then go through and pick the Top 10 or Top 20 pieces that have the most meaning to you and your child. You might save a spelling test with a grade of 62 and a later test with a grade of 89 to show improvement. Or maybe you only save the projects with the highest grades. Whatever you and your child choose will be special because you spent this reflection time together.

Since some school work comes in odd-sizes, consider storing your child’s work in a larger art portfolio (example here) or plastic container with a lid (example here). Both will have space for many years’ worth of work since you’re saving only the most important items.

If you don’t have kids, maybe you can join in the National Purposeful Parenting Month fun and do this with a niece or nephew. Or take a look at your own activities and hobbies and do the same for yourself. Yay you!





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