Maribeth Likins
Client Liaison

Get organized. Save time. Get more done.

Maribeth is passionate about being organized and loves assisting stressed out people in finding the solutions they need. As the Client Liaison for LivingOrder® San Antonio, Maribeth Likins provides complimentary phone consultations for folks who are unsure of how the organizing process should work and have never researched the background, knowledge, and experience of organizing consultants. She will find out what your needs are and determine which of our services will be best for your situation. If she discovers that we will not fit your needs, she will gladly refer you to resources that can. Maribeth graduated from Siena College in Memphis, Tennessee, with a degree in elementary education and has a wealth of knowledge about how organization makes life easier. Maribeth was chosen to join the premier San Antonio organizing and productivity firm because of her compassion and integrity.

Maribeth spent twenty years in education, teaching in elementary schools, and directing daycare facilities. She spent eight years working as a docent/tour guide at the largest family-owned dairy farm in Pennsylvania. When not conducting tours or teaching young people who came to the farm, she helped out in the restaurant and bakery. Maribeth also spent many years operating the office of JMK Contracting – keeping worker and client schedules, sending invoices, paying bills, and tracking projects. She has a wealth of life experiences and is described by one of her former co-workers as a “fairy godmother” everyone would want in their life.