Magdalena McCall

Residential Organizing & Productivity Consultant
Get organized. Save time. Get more done.SM

Residential organizing and productivity consultant Magdalena McCall is a problem-solver who helps people find the easiest ways to solve their household organizing challenges. She has excellent analytical and project management abilities. She balances that out with a kind heart and a deep understanding of how to assist clients in their time of need. Magdalena is fluent in Spanish and can conduct appointments, including the training of household staff, entirely in Spanish if requested.

By day, she has been a seasoned executive with a strategic skill to transform a collective vision into a successful mission. For over 16 years, Magdalena has appraised clients’ existing operating methods and has implemented precise, structured modifications to achieve objectives and goals. Specific experience includes eliminating uncertainty from project steps and establishing a concrete foundation to build upon each level of success after gaining a thorough understanding of the clients’ ambitions, fiscal targets, business structure, and board protocol and procedures. Companies she has worked for in the past include Broadcast Image Group, Bromley Communications, and HEB Headquarters. She also served her country in the Marine Corps.

By night, she has managed to keep an organized household by developing simplified systems that her children can manage with her. Before joining LivingOrder San Antonio, she shared her gift of organizing with family and friends, teaching them what she’s learned from both the corporate and domestic arenas.

Magdalena is actively involved in the San Antonio community, promoting conservation of the Arts, historic buildings, continuing education, and the health and well-being of handicapped persons, senior citizens and children. She comes from a ranching family; thus, she supports natural land conservation, animal welfare and organic farming. She is a noteworthy cook who enjoys reading, learning about new cultures and customs, and spending time with great friends. An avid cyclist, she has participated in numerous charity events including six Multiple Sclerosis Bike 2-day/160+ mile rides. Magdalena attended the University of California at Los Angeles. A proud mom, Magdalena lives with her two sons, Kierian and Brandon.