Less Stress for Teachers: Launch Party Put the FUN in Fundraiser!

Launch Party at The Twig Book Shop: Less Stress for Teachers

Launch Party at The Twig Book Shop: Less Stress for Teachers

Last night was fantastic! The  launch party at The Twig Book Shop for my book, Less Stress for Teachers: More Time & An Organized Classroom, was a wonderful chance to visit with friends and raise money for the Harlandale Education Foundation.

According to www.Harlandale.net, the Harlandale Education Foundation’s mission is “to create a college-going community. HEF provides $500 or $1,000 scholarships for any and all graduates of the Harlandale Independent School District who continue their education beyond high school. Harlandale ISD ranks in the lowest 1% of Texas schools in property wealth. Ninety-six percent of the student body is of Hispanic heritage. Ninety-one percent of the population is economically disadvantaged.” And what most people don’t know is that not only do Harlandale ISD teachers work their tails off during the day, but they also open up their wallets every spring for a fundraiser. The majority of donations come from HISD teachers and staff. Now that is generosity!

Harlandale served as the center of my world for most of my adult life. I started as a teacher when I was only 22 years old, and I still do consulting work for them. Harlandale is a tight-knit community where people stay because you’re welcomed with open arms. It’s a wonderful feeling to walk in, and it still feels like home. Just like last night.

I’m sure I’ll be missing a few folks from this list, but thank you to everyone who came out last night to support my book and HEF:

Pam Vetters      Joni Vara      Kathy Bruck      Colleen Reeve      Lois Brown

Yvette Esobedo      Mary Alice Lozano      Elsa Neaves

Alicia Neaves      Adam Smith      Laura Castaneda      Jacob Castaneda

Cathy Castaneda      Natali Aztua      Jeanine Nepveux

Nancy Scott Jones      Michael Hartfield      Margaret Anaglia       Rick Davis

Carl & Hope Dufner      Jamie Sargisson      Fran Cohen

Taylor Henson      Sayuki Goldman      Cheryl Myers      Terri Millmeyer      Helen Dao      Nicholas Valenti      Craig Loeffler

Rosa & Jim Hoback      Kevin Cooper      Stacy Olds      Magdalena McCall      Ash Serratt      Bea & Lincoln Strawhun      Ruben Fechner

Steve & Denise Sample      Julie Wisdom-Wild      Diana Turner      Brandy Gresham      Dane Bauerle      Chris and Sara Bunch

Rochelle Lefton      Cheryl & David Rodriguez      Norma Wing      Michelle Reyna

Laura Beizer      Susan Straus      Andrew Segura

Danae Chavira      Joseph Segura      Joe Segura      Aurora Adam      Franke Johnson      Roberta Saldana      Dolores Sekula

Cindy & Dave Barrett      Luke Collins      Vanessa Drahl      Carol Maki

My new friends from SAISD

Everyone who stopped by because they read about the event in the San Antonio Express-News

 And the guy who dropped in to browse and bought a book for his daughter when he found out what was going on!

For pictures, visit the album on Facebook.

Thank you also to everyone who helped make the event possible:

Nancy Scott Jones

The Twig Book Shop

Kirby’s Steakhouse

Al’s Gourmet Nuts

Cruz Catering

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