get removed from mailing lists - how to get organized

How to get removed from mailing lists

get removed from mailing lists - how to get organized

We’ve all experienced it – a mailbox full of useless mail. Ads, circulars, magazines we never ordered, catalogs from who knows where…junk mail. Even when we toss those straight into the recycling bin, it still takes time to gather them up, make sure no other mail got stuck inside, tear off the labels with our names, and then chunk them. When my clients ask how to get organized when it comes to junk mail, I recommend that they get removed from mailing lists – which will prevent the junk mail in the first place.

Here are some different resources to get removed from mailing lists and cut back on mail:


  • – This removes you from bank and credit card lists and helps prevent all of those credit card and loan solicitations. This list is maintained by the major credit reporting agencies, so it’s safe to hand over your personal information through this web page, using a secure (not a public) WiFi.


  • – For only $35, this organization will work to get you unsubscribed from mailing lists. Your fee covers 5 years of service. Our junk mail dropped by more than 50% within a few months of signing up.





These are additional steps you can take to get removed from mailing lists

  • Unsubscribe from your donor lists. Many charities and political organizations sell their donor information to marketing companies. This is another source of funding for them. When you make a donation to a non-profit, considering making the donation contingent upon them not sharing your information with any other entity.


  • Unsubscribe from “offers” when you shop online. Many online stores (no matter how big or small) will sell your information to marketing companies. During check out, be sure to opt out of being contacted. This option is usually in fine print, or there’s a microscopic link to another page that allows you to do this.


  • When you receive catalogs, look for the removal or unsubscribe information near the pre-printed address label.


For more tips on how to get organized – in addition to how to get removed from mailing lists – check out our other blog posts.

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