How do you store medicines

October 7, 2013

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Certified Professional Organizer Helene Segura with Jannelle So

How Do You Store Medicines

Disposal tips:

Find an Environmentally-Friendly Pharmacy

You can check with your “regular” pharmacy to see if they offer a disposal program. If they don’t, search to find a participating pharmacy near you.


MacGyver the Meds

If you have to dispose of medications on your own, you have two goals:

  1. Keep them out of the water system
  2. Avoid digestion by others

If you have pills, mix them with something inedible like kitty litter or coffee grounds in a container or bag that will be difficult to open. Dilute bottles of liquid with water, and tape the caps shut. Deposit the containers in the trash.


Let the DEA Do the Dirty Work

The DEA offers two collection days per year on National Take Back Day, usually the last Saturdays in April and October. To find a participating drop-off location, check their website.