How do you know what to get rid of in your closet?

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“How do I know what to get rid of in my closet?” I get asked this question quite often. Instead of the normal “if you haven’t worn it in __ years” answer, think in terms of parting with what doesn’t make you look Freakin’ Fabulous. How do you know what makes you look good and what doesn’t? Here are some fashionista tips from a friend of mine…

10 Ways to Dress 10 Pounds Thinner


Hope Dufner, Accessory Consultant

Premier Designs Jewelry


Losing weight and getting fit is always one of the top New Year’s resolutions.  And while it is always at the top of my list, one of the things that I help my customers do is to look their best at any size or weight.  So while you are going to the gym and cutting back on carbs, here are 10 tips to help you dress 10 pounds thinner:

  1.  Dress in one color from head to toe.  Creating a vertical vs. a horizontal silhouette is visually slimming.   And don’t necessarily think you have to dress in black from head to toe, unless you happen to look great in it.  You can go monochromatic in white, navy or even a jewel tone.
  2. Make sure your clothes fit properly.  Clothes that are too big (or too small) can add weight to your frame.  Simple tailoring can do wonders for off the rack jackets, skirts and slacks.
  3. Dark colors such as black, navy and dark gray are minimizers.  Wear these shades to camouflage the areas of your body where you are the least confident.
  4. Light and bright colors are maximizers.  If self-conscious about your weight, wear darker slacks and skirts and wear bright colors near your face in the form of a cardigan, jacket or scarf.
  5. Avoid bulky layers and chunky sweaters as they will make you look heavier.
  6. Wear larger earrings.  Small earrings make large women look larger and small women look smaller.  Proportion is key.  Earrings are a great way to draw the eye up and away from our “challenge” areas.
  7. Shoulder pads add height, square up narrow shoulders, create a more tailored appearance, and balance out hips.  Sometimes our “hidden” accessories can be a girl’s best secret!
  8. Add a jacket, cardigan or longer sweater to create a more pulled together look.  Leave unbuttoned to create more vertical lines and a slender appearance.
  9. Pay attention to sleeve length.  You don’t want your sleeves to stop right at your hip line, which is typically the widest part of your body.  Either roll up your sleeves, add sleeve bands, or have your sleeves professionally altered.  (A good alteration person is a must.  My gal is worth her weight in gold!)
  10. Match your hose, tights or socks to your shoe color.  This again creates a monochromatic, vertical line for a visually slimming effect.


About Hope Dufner:

Hope Dufner - Premier Designs JewelryHelping women look great on the outside so they can feel good inside is what accessory consultant Hope Dufner has been doing for the past 19 years.  As an independent representative/business owner with Premier Designs Jewelry, a Dallas, Texas-based direct service company, Hope enjoys helping her customers discover the difference well-chosen accessories can make in their wardrobe.  With 19 plus years in the industry, Hope is a well-respected field leader with Premier Designs.  In addition to serving her customers and hostesses through retail sales and jewelry shows, Hope also helps women become business owners when they choose to become independent reps with this 26 year old company.    Hope earned a B.A. in Communication from Arizona State University.  She lives in San Antonio, Texas with husband Carl, and is mom to son Christian who is a sophomore at the University of Texas.

Hope can be reached by e-mail at jewelrylady92 at, on Facebook  at Hope Kingsley Dufner or by phone at 210-621-4932.  For more information on Premier Designs, go to or follow Premier Designs, Inc. on Facebook.

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