How Can I Get Organized? Your Options Abound!

How can I get organized - tools and resourcesHow Can I Get Organized? Your Options Abound!

I’m a big advocate of starting the journey to getting organized at any time of year, but January 1st and New Year’s resolutions seem to set folks in action.

So, if you’re asking yourself, “How can I get organized?”, you are in luck! At this time of year, you have a lot of options for resources and special events. Let’s take a look….


How Can I Get Organized Month Series

Available for purchase:  Now!

Event begins: January 3, 2013

Allison Carter of The Professional Organizer has put together a fantastic series of webinars for National Get Organized Month, which is in January. Purchase one webinar or a few of them. Or, you can purchase all 10 at a discount. You do not have to be present for the live webinar(s); you’ll receive a copy of the recording and you can download the handouts. Details and registration are here: 


Lorie Marrero’s New Home Office Ebook:

Available for purchase: Now!

My good friend, organizing expert Lorie Marrero, has just released her new home office ebook called Home Office Rules of Thumb: A Handy Guide to Organizing Your Time, Information, and Workspace.  It’s available for purchase here for only $20.


Kickstart the Year

Available for purchase: Now!
This package features a bundle of TEN eBooks/videos from ten top motivational experts to help people with New Year’s Resolutions. Participating experts include Lorie Marrero, Chris Brogan, Craig Jarrow (Time Management Ninja), and one of the founders of The ten eBook bundle is being sold for only $88 and is available here only until January 9, 2013.


Clutter Diet

Available for purchase: December 28th

I will get into so much trouble for this, but here it goes…. Annual memberships to Clutter Diet will only be $%&^ from December 28 until January 7th.  This is top secret news!!! That’s why the price is blotted out! If you try to purchase it before then, I will claim not to know you or what you’re talking about. Clutter Diet is a membership website where you have access to advice from six Certified Professional Organizers®, as well as a wealth of resources such as videos, podcasts and articles. For details about the program or to sign up for 2 complimentary weeks to try it out first, click here.



ROAD MAP to Get Organized

Available for purchase: December 28th

This book is a lifestyle change – for your brain! If you’ve ever wondered, how can I get organized, this is the tool for you! I wrote this book about the important step in the organizing process my clients were skipping. Because they were leaving out this critical element from their efforts, they were unsuccessful and frustrated, which is what led them to seek me out for coaching. This guidebook contains the processes I guide them through in order to help them reach success with their organization projects. Get details at


So, if you’ve been drumming your fingers on the desk or staring off into space while pondering “How can I get organized,” you’ve now got what you need!


Happy Organizing!

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  • Helene Segura
    Posted at 09:52h, 28 December

    Update on Clutter Diet special: From December 28, 2012, until January 7, 2013, the annual memberships are on sale, 25% off, only $107.

    Go to and use the coupon 2013joy to grab this price!

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