Holiday Organizing: Don’t try anything new on game day!

Appliance - toaster - get organizedWhen we moved into our house a dozen years ago, I got to know the appliances in my kitchen pretty well. I did some light cooking in the summer months and baking and roasting in the fall months. When Thanksgiving rolled around, I was organized and ready to host yet another holiday meal.

For some crazy reason, when I put the turkey in, I hit the button labeled Cook Time. I’d never done that before. I don’t know what prompted to me to do that on that particular day, but I did. Three hours later, I learned that the Cook Time function shuts the oven off when the timer drops down to zero. My turkey needed more time to cook, and I never even thought about checking to make sure that the oven was still on. It was not.

Needless to say, that was the first year the meal was late. Very late. So, what’s the lesson I learned?

Don’t try new stuff on the day of your big event!!!

Test out your recipes ahead of time.

Test out your appliances ahead of time.

Stick with your tried and true methods during your big event. Save the experiments for other smaller, less pressure-filled occasions. Part of getting organized for the holidays is realizing that routines are good for a reason.

I was reminded of my oven boo-boo when a friend of mine, Rae Sutherland of Morrison Appliances, told me about one of her clients. She opted to have her brand new state-of-the-art oven system installed back in October by some friends. She opted for delivery only and declined installation and the tutorial. She never used her oven. Until Thanksgiving day. It would not turn on. She called everyone she could think of, but all stores and repair businesses were closed. She wound up calling a restaurant at the last minute and having her event catered. When the repair folks went out there the following day, it turned out that she left her oven in display mode. Nothing was wrong with it.

In your quest for holiday organizing, is there anything you need to test out before the holidays roll around?

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