Get organized for the holidays: Countdown to Christmas

Get organized for the holidays: holiday organizing tips from LivingOrderSAHopefully you read my last post about avoiding holiday stress when you’re trying to get organized for the holidays.

For those of you who celebrate Hanukkah, keep in mind that it’s early this year – starting December 8th!


I’ll mention some general holiday organizing tips and folks can feel free to add on in the comments section:


Big picture:

Is the HVAC in good working order?

Are the appliances in good working order?

Is the plumbing in good working order?

Is the entry in good repair?


Create your lists:

Card recipient list

Gift list

Guest/RSVP list


Shopping list

Task list posted for everyone to see/help

Cooking time list (what goes in/out of oven and stove)

(If you don’t want to create your own lists, visit List Plan It to make life easier.)


Holiday Traditions Prep (great to finish before concentrating on the house stuff):

Week 8: Begin gift purchases (if not done throughout the year)

Week 6: Order greeting cards

Week 5: Fill out 1/3 greeting cards

Week 4: Haul out decorations; Decorate 1/3; Fill out 1/3 greeting cards

Week 3: Finish gift purchases; Decorate 1/3; Finish greeting cards

Week 2: Finish decorating; Wrap and mail gifts and cards


House prep:

Week 4: Entry and guest bathroom

Week 3: Sitting Area

Week 2: Dining area, shop for non-perishables

Week 1: Kitchen

48 hours before: shop for fresh ingredients

24 hours before: quick pick up and begin food prep


We’re now four weeks away from Christmas. If you haven’t started on some of the above items, don’t worry. There’s still time to complete them, but be sure you start now, instead of waiting until just the week before. Or, just don’t do as much this year. It’s not worth the stress.


Happy Holiday Organizing!

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