Get organized for Halloween!

Halloween 2006

Halloween (Photo credit: Terry.Tyson)

Halloween is tomorrow!


If you haven’t started getting ready yet for the spooky day, you’re cutting it a bit close!


Here are some quick Halloween organizing tips to keep you from having a ghoulish time:


  1. Gather ’round ye decorations and discard any that are broken, melted, or so faded that you can’t tell what color they used to be.
  2. Donate any Halloween decorations which you haven’t used in the past couple of years.
  3. Donate any Halloween costumes that won’t get re-used.
  4. Keep a list of replacement items you need to buy (if you must) at the “last minute” or “after-Halloween” sales.
  5. When it’s time to take everything down (hopefully this weekend), store it all in lidded, labeled plastic totes until next year.



Have a frighteningly great time!

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